“Back to Basics” Apple Machine

The “Back to Basics” Apple Machine product is your typical machines for coring, peeling and slicing of apples.

This machine will also peel potatoes, but due the simple fact that potatoes are anything but round this tool is not very practical for such work, but it still does work.

Pro’s:  This machine has a suction cup base that can be attached to any smooth surface thus not having to clamp it to the side of a counter top.

Con’s: The only con is that without disassembling it you will have a “fun” time storing it, and since the product use might not be that high it will most likely get in the way most the year around unless you have a nice empty cabinet  for it.


Factory description:

“Back to Basics Apple Corer and Peeler with Suction Base – This popular kitchen tool peels, cores and slices all in one easy operation with minimal waste and little clean up. Much easier than using a paring knife, the cast-iron peeler with easy turn handle is a quick way to prepare freshly peeled ingredients for salads, pies and cobblers, and fresh fruits and vegetables for canning and drying. Highly durable, the peeler comes with stainless steel blades and a suction base that secures it to your kitchen work center. A reliable, hardworking kitchen tool you’ll use for many years. Replacement blades available through the manufacture, Back to Basics.”

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  1. MrApple

    Please feel free to leave your comments on this product if you care to share!

  2. John Pollack

    wHERE CAN i PURCHASE A NEW BLADE FOR MY bACK TO BASICS apple corer machine???

  3. MrApple

    Hi John, in my experience it is better to buy an entire new unit as the effort in getting a part cost more than just buying the stock unit for about $15-$20.

    If you have one of the more expensive brands then usually the replacement parts are on amazon.com

    Good luck!

  4. Bert Livingston

    Where can I get the attachment that enables me to peal and core only. I have the suction base one. Many times I donot want the apple sliced. model no. 1079055

    1. MrApple

      Correct me if I’m wrong but you have the Lehman’s unit and if I’m correct it is as simple as removing the blade and it will not slice at same time. I’d read the manual or the as someone at Lehman’s, they are usually very helpful.
      Good luck.

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