Chicago Metallic – Xtraordinary Apple Peeler

OK, the Chicago Metallic – Xtraordinary Apple Peeler looks more like a kids toy, almost did not want to review it but apparently there are people that like and use this.

If I had a crate of 100 apples to peel and only needed to peel them for making something like applesauce I would pick this tool over all the other tools.  But if I had to use those apples in apple pies or fruit medleys I would use one of the other machines.

Pro’s:  The Chicago Metallic – Xtraordinary Apple Peeler will stick almost anywhere with it suction cups.  It will peel better than your mixed breed of similar machines as the peeling arm swivels and thus will peel those odd shaped apples and potatoes.

Con’s:  It only peels and there are other machines out there that also core and slice at the same time.  Also, it is a bulky tool and will not be stored easily, getting in the way more than most will find it useful.


Factory description:

“This handy tool makes it easy to peel apples. Use this peeler to shave off apple skins with one hand. The spring loaded, flexible blade peels over all shapes and bumps to avoid peeling too much flesh. The suction cup feet on the bottom prevent the apple peeler from sliding on the counter.”

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  1. MrApple

    Please feel free to leave your comments on this product if you care to share!

  2. Judy

    I had the apple peeler before and I wore it out I finally found another one after purchasing many other models that were more expensive and grabed it up fast.I love it don’t want anyother type. very satisfied

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