Paderno World Cuisine Apple Peeler – Industrial/Commercial Machine

Paderno World Cuisine Apple Peeler - Industrial/Commercial Machine

First, let me start by saying that World Cuisine is the best of the Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machines! As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” and World Cuisine products are not cheap.

The Paderno World Cuisine Apple Peeler – Industrial/Commercial Machine (Kali Apple Peeler – 49834-00) is the top of the line in Apple Peeler Machines for use in restaurants, small businesses and any other establishment that needs to consistently turn out any sort of apple food recipe.

This thing will help prepare apples like no other!  It is advertised to turn out one perfectly peeled and cored and sliced apple every 15 seconds!  And that is with out the optional electric handle.  Yes, you heard me, there is an optional electric handle that makes this already robust machine even more useful!

Optional Electric Handle for the World Cuisine Apple Peeler


Factory description for the Kali Apple Peeler:

“This apple peeler/corer/slicer has a carbon steel arched blade and an L-shaped stainless steel blade. It is constructed on an epoxy steel frame. The machine always cores and has the option to either peel and/or slice. It takes approximately 15 seconds to prepare an apple or pear. Made in France. ”


Pro’s: The World Cuisine Apple Peeler Machines will last fervor and not need as many replacement parts as other similar machines. Replacement parts are easily available and will be when in 10 years a part might break. There is an optional electric handle that is easily put on for long jobs.

Con’s: The only con with the World Cuisine apple peeler is that without disassembling it you will have a “fun” time storing it. But then again this is industrial commercial equipment and thus it is likely that it will be in constant use and make up for any inconvenience.


Where and how you can buy the World Cuisine – Apple Peeler:

The Commercial product is not so easy to find, in fact Amazon is one of the few places I was able to find it.  As this is a commercial machine you will normally find it at trade shows or through commercial distributors.

(This is my marketing link to Amazon, I get a commission if you buy through them.)


  1. MrApple

    Please feel free to leave your comments on this product if you care to share!

  2. Nyla

    Thank you for your advice. We are interested in the kali apple peeler optional electric handle. Where can we purchase it? Thank you, Nyla

    1. MrApple

      Hi Nyla,

      Without going to the manufacture direct you can check Amazon.com periodically for it, I’ve seen it posted a few times. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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