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World Cuisine Home model

First, let me start by saying that World Cuisine is the best of the Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machines!  As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” and World Cuisine products are not cheap.

The (Paderno) World Cuisine Home model (shown in red to the right) is a more durable and rugged version compared to the rest of the competition.  The construction of the Home World Cuisine apple peeler is better than most and you’ll find this one lasting a lot longer.  And though it will peel, core and slice just like the others it is not “like the others.”  It’s feel and ease of use is really in a league of its own.


Factory description for the World Cuisine Home Apple Peeler:  “This apple peeler peels, slices and cores at once.  The body is made of steel and the blades of stainless steel. – Made in Taiwan”


Pro’s:  The World Cuisine Apple Peeler Machines will last fervor and not need as many replacement parts as other similar machines.  World Cuisine has a suction cup base that can be attached to any smooth surface thus not having to clamp it to the side of a counter top, and they have a clamp model too!

Con’s: The only con with the World Cuisine apple peeler is that with the suction-cup base model without disassembling it you will have a “fun” time storing it.  So if storing the thing is any consideration think about their Clamp model.   But then again this is industrial commercial equipment and thus it is likely that it will be in constant use and make up for any inconvenience of storing it.


Where and how you can buy the World Cuisine – Apple Peeler:

The home product can be found from many on-line shops however I found Amazon to be the easiest and best price.


Suction cup base:         Clamp base: 


(This is my marketing link to Amazon, I get a commission if you buy through them.)

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